Age in Place Home Design and Accessibility Renovations

Age in Place

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What is Age In Place?

Age in Place, or AIP, is a term used to describe home modifications that make living in a residence safer, more comfortable, and easier. 

Are you experiencing age-related challenges like sore knees and backs, or injury-related problems that have resulted in chronic pain or loss of balance? As an Age In Place Specialist our team is ready to help you with small or big changes to your Winnipeg area home.

We work with all types of residences, including the following:

  • Single detached houses
  • Townhouses
  • Duplexes and multiplexes
  • Condominiums
Want to AIP upgrade your Winnipeg area second home or vacation property too? Whether for a lakefront cottage, bungalow, or cabin in the woods, we’ve got you covered.


Age in Place Design for the Spaces You Need it Most:


While we can make modifications to any part of the home, there are certain rooms and spaces that require extra attention. You may not want to upgrade the entire home quite yet, which is why we offer dedicated AIP services too:

  • Age in Place bathroom design
  • Age in Place kitchen design 
  • Other (just call 204.816.8699 to ask)

Whether it’s for your home or you’re concerned about the quality of life for a cherished senior member of your family we are here to help.

Helping people remain independent in their homes is our mission. Call 204.816.8699 for a friendly chat.


Walk in Showers

Removing a bathtub for a walk in shower can have a huge impact on your day to day living. 

Doorway Widening

Wheelchair access and walking aids can be limited with a regular doorway width, we can help make the way simpler for you in your own home. 


The simpleness of just entering and exiting your own home might not be, a professional ramp to exit or even an interior ramp to help bridge a single step in your home can make living at home easier. 

Vanity and Counter Accessibilty

Countertop heights can be adjusted to be either higher or lower for usability.

​Spaces we love to transform, click to see what we can do...

We can help you work on any space with any accessibility limitations you might have.

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