Aging in Place Living Room Design

As Winnipeg’s most recognized age in place home design expert, Vulcan Construction is called up to manage aging in place bathroom and kitchen renovations and upgrades. However, once the primary “functional” areas of the residential retrofit are completed, homeowners typically follow up to inquire about their living spaces. After all, a house does not feel like a home until every room within it can be fully enjoyed, no matter the physical challenges an occupant may experience. As a part of our home renovation services, we have been updating living rooms and interior places of refuge for years, and we will optimize yours for both greater accessibility and enjoyment.

Challenges of Traditional Living Room Design for the Elderly

Traditional living space design challenges the safety, usability, and enjoyment for elderly homeowners and occupants. Impediments to optimal use with common living room design includes the following:

  • Inadequate size
  • Poor room layout for mobility
  • Inaccessible lighting installations for turning off/on and replacing bulbs
  • Inaccessible natural lighting installations that frustrate occupant’s ability to open or close the blinds
  • Inaccessible points of entry (to the living room) and exit to/from dining room and other areas of the home
  • Inaccessible (too high) recessed wall for home electronic (TV, sound system, etc.) installations
  • Inaccessible (too high) mantles and built-in shelving
  • Inaccessible fireplace (creates a fire hazard)

Age in Place Upgrades for YOUR Specific Needs and Wants

Vulcan Construction addresses the challenges listed above, and turns them into opportunities that will reimagine the look, function, and feel of your living room and other leisure spaces in the home.

To ensure that your unique wants and needs are met, we will ask questions during your initial consultation to assess present challenges in addition to those that you anticipate for the future This helps us account for preexisting injuries (back pain, neck pain, etc.), conditions (arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.), and other musculoskeletal or neuropathic concerns, along with vision and hearing issues that you or another senior member of the household may experience.

Of course, it’s not just about updating your living room (or dedicated home theater!) to account for challenges to biomechanics and loss of function. We want you to be excited about your new leisure space! We encourage you to tell us all about your vision no matter how unconventional it may seem. Once we know what your general budget range will be, we will find a way to make it happen. Consider your age in place upgrade as an opportunity to get the living space you’ve always dreamed of. Schedule your consultation by calling 204.816.8699 for a friendly conversation about your wants and needs.

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