The Baby Boomer generation has hit its well-earned retirement years. Beyond future plans to travel and enjoy leisure, Boomers are also looking at their homes in a different way. If you’re among them you may be realizing that you have too much wasted space. Alternatively you may not have enough space for what you have planned. Or perhaps the layout of some or all of your rooms is inadequate. Whatever the case may be you are ready to renovate. But before you do you’d like some insight into what’s trending in renovation construction. Here are some great ideas to consider.

5 Trends in Baby Boomer Generation Renovation and Retrofits to Consider for Your Greater Winnipeg Property

I. Follow Your Bliss

Whimsy leads the way in Baby Boomer construction trends in 2021-22 (and beyond). After a ridiculous year of lockdowns and limits on what you are “allowed” to enjoy you’re ready to break any and all handcuffs that have kept you from following your bliss. It’s time to turn your home into your playground.

From man-caves and she-sheds to she-caves and mad-sheds feel free to create what ever you please. We’re seeing your generation build tropical oases and tiki-bars in the basements and converting old rooms into movie theaters to put the local Landmark Cinemas to shame. Homeowners are creating dream kitchens with islands large enough to get their own postal codes and bathrooms that resemble Greco-Roman spas. If you can envision it, it can be done.

Whatever makes you happiest should be conveyed in your home renovation. That’s one trend that will never tire.

II. Home Offices and Workspaces – Because You Still Love What You Do

Aren’t Baby Boomers supposed to retire? Not so fast! Many of today’s retirees don’t buy into the “ride off into the sunset” storyline. Sure, you’ve earned your leisure but what if you love the profession that paid for the very home (or second home) you’re occupying right at this moment? Do you need to hang it all up? Not if you don’t want to. Instead, you can ease into retirement by renovating to add a home office/workspace. Contrary to simply adding a desk and chair (or whatever else is required) the renovation can create a more functionally and aesthetically pleasing environment. This will allow you to skip the rush hour traffic while maintaining your income doing what you’re good at, and on your terms.

Alternatively, some of you may be using your retirement years to finally follow a passion, and that passion may translate into a steady payday. In this case you may need a workshop extension, that may require unique electrical and/or lighting installations or accessible spaces for tools, equipment, inventory, or whatever else it is you need.

An office/workspace extension extends your ability to keep (or start) doing what you love. Plus, it certainly doesn’t hurt to add a little more revenue to your retirement income while sticking it to the man with some home office tax write-offs in the process!

III. Rental Extensions for Passive Income

You like the idea of added monthly income but don’t relish the idea of working for it. We get it. You’ve put in enough time at the office and would rather have the money roll in through other means. This is where a home extension to include a separate living quarters complete with a new bathroom and kitchen makes sense. This may be accomplished via a renovation of an existing basement, or by building out an entire extension if exterior square footage allows. Or you can have a guest house built on your property if you have the yard space to pull it off.

Once completed you can place the suite on the longterm or short term rental market and earn passive income. The latter (short term) is becoming very popular with your generation, as you can leverage online resources such as Airbnb and VRBO to rent your added space out to vacationers, without dealing with long term commitments and headaches. Plus you can use the extra extension (suite, guesthouse, etc.) for when family comes to town.

This is one home renovation that delivers an ROI within months or even weeks after completion. That’s some wise Baby Boomer thinking right there!

IV. Smart Homes

Smart homes are not just for millennials and Generation X’ers. In today’s eco-conscious world they are for everyone. In fact, smart home conversions have become one of the top renovation demands of the Baby Boomer generation. Not only do they reduce the carbon footprint that you’ve built-up over the decades, they create functional conveniences and generate cost savings through significantly diminished utility bills. Driven by Internet of Things (IoT) technology these web-enabled appliances, lighting, plumbing, and HVAC installations are accompanying the retrofits of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces throughout homes in the Greater Winnipeg area. Smart home integrations to go with your renovation reduce energy expenditure and as a result can deliver an ROI within a year or two for many residential projects.

V. Age In Place Renovations

Baby Boomers have always been forward thinking, and are very conscious of life’s transitions. You know that one day a climb up the stairs or step in (and out) of the tub will be a lot more work. That may not be today. That may not occur for another ten or fifteen years. But if you’re considering a renovation this year, it’s a good idea to consider an aging-in-place renovation. In fact, the age-in-place trend was created by Baby Boomers, for Baby Boomers. View more about the age-in-place concept; click here and here for details.

Don’t wait another year, month, or week to get started on a renovation that will create the dream home you want to enjoy today, and tomorrow. Contact Vulcan Construction at 204.816.8699 to let us know what you have in mind.

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