Is it time for an accessibility upgrade?

As a commercial business in Winnipeg you are required to abide by the most current version of the City of Winnipeg Accessibility Design Standard. Those having been in operation in a brick and mortar over the last five years or so will have already made the necessary updates to their property. However, if your enterprise has taken over an old building, or is converting an industrial or non public-use space into an establishment that will serve the community, you will very likely require a renovation to ensure accessibility to all. On the flip side, even established businesses that have already met building codes are wondering if they can do more. Where do you turn to make sure the job gets done right, and then some? Vulcan Construction. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Businesses Choose Vulcan Construction for Accessibility Renovations, Retrofits, and Upgrades to Their Commercial Properties

We Are The Community’s Trusted Accessibility Renovations Resource

Vulcan Construction is much more than a commercial renovation company. We are Winnipeg’s go-to renovation expert for residential accessibility upgrades as well. We are a certified aging in place specialist (CAPS) that has been recognized by local media in the highly specialized discipline of helping the community’s valued elders (and physically challenged persons) live life to the fullest, in their very own homes. As such, we have an intimate level of understanding that no other commercial contractor in Winnipeg can claim. We don’t just approach a commercial project as a “job”. Instead, we work closely with you to gain a better understanding of your vision. We will recreate a space that abides by municipal and provincial building codes while at the same time will allow you to better engage all of the customers, clients, and members of the public that come on to your property.

We Help You Go Beyond What is Required

The City of Winnipeg’s most recent (2019-2021) Accessibility Plan mission conveys the following:

“The 2019 – 2021 Accessibility Plan communicates the City’s commitment to ensuring inclusive access and participation for all people who live, work or visit our city, regardless of their abilities. A requirement under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, which must be updated every two years, the Accessibility Plan also defines a plan of action to continue to address accessibility barriers in policies, practices and procedures.”

(City of Winnipeg)

While elements of the aforementioned Accessibility Design Standard are certainly included in the above Accessibility Plan, the former has not been updated since 2015 (at press). That indicates that while most commercial properties in operation are abiding by standards, they may be doing so at the absolute minimum. A lot has changed over the last few years. Newer and “smarter” technology (IoT, etc.) has been introduced that may be applied to create more accessible environment, but the integration of them often depends upon renovations to existing spaces. This is just one example. The point here, is that like the City’s Accessibility Plan, your business is also encouraged to revisit on-premises accessibility initiatives on a biennial or even annual basis. Is there a way to make your property even more inviting and inclusive? Probably. However, you’re an expert in your business (product, service, etc.) and not likely versed in commercial building accessibility renovations. The great news, is that we are!

We look beyond the building codes, and envision ways that we can help you redefine your property and establish renown as a commercial enterprise that puts people of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities first.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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