The bathroom should not be an intimidating place…

Are you in your golden years and experiencing a bit of a challenge when it comes to getting in and out of the bathtub or shower each day? Are you the family member of an elder and are concerned about them slipping and falling in the restroom? Do you sell homes in Winnipeg communities that welcome seniors and would like to add more functional value to the listed developments? Whatever the case may be it sounds like you’re in need of a bathroom renovation. While there are many home contractors in the greater Winnipeg area only one is most qualified to provide the care needed for such an important undertaking.

Why Winnipeg Seniors Turn to Vulcan Construction for Bathroom Renovations


What’s CAPS? It stands for Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. Aging-in-place renovations refer to modifications, retrofits, and upgrades made to a home to make living more convenient no matter the physical (and some cognitive) struggles occupants may experience today, or tomorrow.

For a successful aging-in-place renovation to your bathroom, you must only work with contractors who are specialists. The only way to verify this is to check if they are a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), which is a designation provided by the National Association of Home Builders. The certification lets you know that the contractor has received explicit training in aging-in-place upgrades. Don’t let anyone touch your bathroom unless they are an Aging-in-Place Certified. In Winnipeg, that specialist is Vulcan Construction. Learn more here.

We Care

It’s one thing to be awarded the CAPS designation from the National Association of Home Builders. But it doesn’t mean a thing if a contractor considers it a competitive advantage over other contractors, and nothing more. This is not the case with Vulcan Construction.

We actually care about YOU and/or the loved ones that you want the bathroom renovation for. We are a company born from and steeped in family values and we cherish Winnipeg’s senior community. You (or they) have laid the foundation for what makes Canada’s central city so great and should be rewarded. And that begins from the moment you (or they) turn the light on in the most essential room of the home. But don’t just take our word for it – here is some insight from the Winnipeg community (click image to read):

More Than a Functional Upgrade

There’s no doubt that we will renovate the bathroom/s for greater safety and ease of use for all elders in the home. Those functional details are completed with precision. However, we want your renovation to be an exciting one – and that means it should also look amazing too. Just because someone is a senior does not mean that they don’t appreciate a modern and highly appealing aesthetic. In fact, the baby boomer generation has much better taste than these pesky millennials (sorry, kids).

Not only does Vulcan pay close attention to the functional details, we will upgrade the bathroom/s that will make the neighbors jealous. Whether you desire a contemporary design or appreciate a country cottage look Vulcan will make the bathroom breathtaking. Our integration of new technology (if desired) helps usher this into the renovation. Possible features such as motion activated-faucets and web-enabled lighting systems not only making daily use a breeze, they reduce the “clutter” that traditional bathrooms have installed.

Stay tuned to our Instagram profile (click here) as we upload images of current and future bathroom renovations for homes in the Winnipeg area.

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