Let’s turn a vision of greater accessibility into a reality

A home should be an oasis for everyone living within. But when a room or appliance along with any other space (for function or leisure) is inaccessible, the supposed sanctuary instead becomes a point of frustration. Happiness, health, wellness, and overall quality of life suffers. No one should ever feel this way in their own residence. This is a big part of what drives us to step beyond traditional residential renovations. We are dedicated to offering individuals, couples, families, and households of all shapes and sizes an equal opportunity to thrive throughout the entire square footage of their homes. No matter the physical challenges an occupant may be experiencing, we create haven that is safe, highly functioning, and perhaps most importantly – enjoyable. If your home is in the Greater Winnipeg area, Vulcan Construction is who you can turn to for accessibility retrofits and renovations.

Why Winnipeg Homeowners Living With Physical Challenges Choose Vulcan Construction for Accessibility Renovations

We Are CAPS Certified and Reputable

Vulcan Construction is CAPS certified. While the acronym for Certified Aging-in-Place specialist (CAPS) may indicate specialization in working with seniors and elderly persons, the same requirements transfer directly to disabled persons of all ages. Whether you (or someone you are a caregiver for) lives in a single detached house, town home, duplex, multiplex, or condominium, we are highly-regarded experts in retrofits and renovations to deliver the following:

  • Walk-in showers
  • Wider doorways and entryways
  • Ramps and stairway lifts
  • Accessible vanity and counter
  • Other: Have a unique need? Call 204-816-8699 to ask!

All of the above (and so much more) can be applied to all applicable rooms in the home. We are best known for our work with the following:

We Provide Support

As specialists in home renovations for disabled persons, we have deep insight that expands beyond the physical construction of a given property. We are also well versed in programs that may be of assistance to Winnipeg residents, and will be happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to grants, tax credits, and other programs that can help you or a loved one cover the cost of a home upgrade. Call us at 204-816-8699 to learn more.

We Go Beyond Function

Many companies that provide home renovations for disabled persons simply work-to-order. Sure, they may build the required points of accessibility (ramps, wider doorways, lower countertops, front loading appliances, etc.) but few give thought to aesthetic design, nor consider the distinctive tastes of the home’s occupants. It’s not just about the needs, but that wants and desires too! We want you to have a home that you can be proud of, one that you and all occupants will admire and enjoy, and one that you can show off to guests during summertime BBQs and holiday season cocktail parties alike. A bathroom and kitchen upgrade is a given, but how about an accessible home-theater room, library/study, or deck with accessible outdoor cooking installations? Vulcan Construction wants you to spread your wings and consider a home that you never dreamed (or perhaps have?) could be a reality.

You or a dependent may live with a physical challenge, but you don’t need to be reminded of this fact every single day in your home. Let’s discuss the opportunity to create a space that is usable as it is beautiful. Contact Vulcan Construction today for a consultation and friendly conversation.

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